Microbrewery to open in the Wynd

I guess this news item is a bit more for the parents than the kids, but still pretty exciting! We could read awhile ago in the Comet that there were plans to open a microbrewery and bar where Ali’s diner used to be. I was walking down the Wynd today and I noticed that this sign had gone up! Their website is also up, but their Facebook account has more to read, so might be one to follow!

This should be a lovely addition to the Wynd which is one of my kids favourite spots in Letchworth complete with the pirate-ship, dot to dot and the crafty vegetarian cafe. I always get surprised when I hear that so many people who have no idea where the Wynd is, as it is in the middle of the town and really has a lot of fab things going on for kids. Maybe with this new addition, the Wynd will be the place to be!

Lambs at standalone farm

We have been ooohhing and ahhing (or should that be meeehing and baaahing?) over the pictures popping up on Standalone farms Twitter account. I borrowed this one below from their Twitter feed to show you what i mean! We love standalone farm in our family and I can’t wait to take my two year old up there this year to see the lambs, his big brother on the other hand is more interested in their fab playground!

Kids Club back after the summer

As you probably have noticed the Broadway cinema is undergoing some building work to create a new theater space which is very exciting. However this has meant there is no big scream at the moment. But the good news is it will return again in the autumn.

February Half term activities

I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like Christmas was barely over and now we have half term upon us again! The nice people at Letchworth Partnership of Schools the has sent us a document on all the activities going on in Letchworth and nearby places during this week. Back in Sweden where I am from this holiday is known as “the sporting break” where a lot of kids go skiing. I doubt we will be able to do this with this mild winter we are having here however!

The Crafty Vegetarian

This weekend we tried out the “new” Cafe in town, I say new but it has actually been here for a while, but we seemed to not have noticed it before. It is down the Wynd and is not only a lovely cafe filled with yummy baked goods but they also hosts craft workshops, where you can learn how to make candles and chocolates truffle decorating in a adjoining room. This room also has a play-corner so you can sit down and have a nice cuppa (their hot chocolate is very yummy) and the kids and run around and play! Perfect set up! Have a look at their Facebook page for more information I can really recommend a visit!