There are quite a few playgrounds in and around Letchworth, I thought I’d make it my sons mission to try them all out in no particular order.


Howard Park and Gardens
Grange Pavilion Playground
Radwell Meadows Playground
Norton Common Playground
Pascal Way Playground
Wilbury Recreation Ground Playground
Hillbrow Playground
Grange Central Playground
Oak Tree Close Playground
Baldock Road Playground
The Pirateship in the Wynd
Linnet Close Playground

Howard Park and Gardenmap


This is a huge playground not far from the town centre, it includes a bit splash park and plenty of play equipment. There is quite a lot for both small ones (sandpit, swings) and bigger ones (things to climb on, slides you name it really). Only downside is that it gets very busy and it doesn’t have any fence.

Grange Pavilion Playgroundmap

My son really liked this playground, and I think I can say so did I. It is set away from the road close to football grounds so you don’t have to worry about cars. There is also plenty of space to run around on outside of the actual playing ground.

The playground has a climbing frame with slide, in a pefect size for a toddler. I can guess older kids might find it a bit boring but for a nearly 2 year old it was perfect. The slide is wide enough to go down with your kids, but my boy did it himself without hurting himself. Here is a film clip of him playing on it.

The playground also have see-saws and those little wobbly horsey style things. For the youngest kids it also has two swings that looked safe enough to put a little one in. My boy was too busy running around climbing and sliding to try these out.

On the outside of the playground there is a wooden jungle gym construction and also some outdoors gym stuff. I had a go at a cross trainer but it was a bit shaky and not great.

All in all I’d say that this little playground was great for my son! Thumbs up!

Radwell Meadows Playground - map

This playground is pretty cool…but not for a toddler. Maybe not even for a child, but I can see older kids and teens liking it. It looked like a place where you could get a good work out. My son was very entertained running around looking at it all, but this crazy Danish construction was a bit too hard-core for him!

He enjoyed going down on a slide, or whatever it is, but as it wobbles I wouldn’t advise letting your little ones go down without someone holding on to them.

Playground apart, it is beautiful up here, and I have heard there is a pond somewhere where you can feed ducks and swans too. We went for a long walk in the countryside instead, and it was lovely. Next time we will bring a picnic.

Norton Common Playground -map

This is probabl the first playground we visited in Letchworth when my son wasn’t even walking. He then used to enjoy the swings, the spinny thing and the bouncy horse looking see-saw. Since he started walking it is really all about Climbing and the slides.

The side is a medium sized one, first few times I would hold one to him or go down on it with him as he sometimes would go so fast he would tilt backwards. You get up to the slide on some stairs on the side, there is also some more advanced climbing bits on the other side, after seeing an older child doing it my son wanted to do it too…and we could not get him down from it without tantrum.

As he is far from ready from climbing this kind of stuff at the moment we are avoiding this park due to the temptation at the moment. But for younger, older or just kids who understand no a bit better than our boy this is a nice playground. It has got some seats and benches (altough a friend’s child fell over on one once and started bleeding so be careful with these metal ones), some swings, the climbing frame, some see-sawy bits and the spinny thing. The playground is located opposite the open air swimming pool.

Pascal Way Playground – map

Not sure about what this playground is really called, but it is located behind Pascal way and Glebe Road. It is located by a large playing field, frequented by people kicking a ball around. Have to admit that at the point of visit it was getting a little rowdy so I cut the visit a bit short. Nothing too bad, just a lot of swearing and smoking.

The playground itself was really good we thought, the only minus was the bit to climb up on the actual climbing frame as it was a little tricky to get up on, my son took the challange and ran with it but it didn’t stop me from worrying a bit.

But once up on that frame it was really good. It has well a wall protected walk way to the slide, and the slide seemed to be fun too. Again it was a bit of a bigger slide so my son was a little nervous, but he did go down a few times and liked it. But mostly he liked running on the walkway.

The playground also has two swings, good for younger children, and also a a merry go-round carousel thing. One other thing it had was a tunnel, here is my son in action in the tunnel.

All in all a nice little playground!

Wilbury Recreation Ground Playgroundmap

I have had a few people tipping me off about this playground.

As it is in a part of Letchworth not so close to our house I haven’t come across it on my walks. Compared to other playgrounds in Letchworth I’d say it is a medium sized one. In fact probably one of the bigger ones in Letchworth. It has two sliding areas, one for toddler and babies and one for bigger kids.

My Son, who now has just turned two tried to climb up on the large one first, and couldn’t so he set of to the small one. Enjoyed it for a bit but then went off to go on the big one. You can see how that went in this filmclip.

This playground got a lot of swings, both baby ones and ones for older kids. There are also some wooden climbing bits to it, so quite a lot to do even if there would be many kids there.

My son liked the place a lot. I would probably been happier if he hadn’t climbed up on to the big slide. But he enjoyed it so much and didn’t try to climb down in any of the climbing frames that lead off the big slide so it was quite safe.

I think I would go back as it felt quite safe there and wasn’t too busy and enough diffrent things to play with to keep the kids entertained!

Hillbrow Playground – map

I guess this playground almost is THE playground in Letchworth. It is by far the biggest, I’d say it has something for everyone in here. From babies up to well as far up as you want to go if you still enjoy a spot of playing! If you look up playground and Letchworth this is the one that shows up on Google Map.

Where to start…It has got climbing frames galore. And an zip slide. Plenty of swings. The biggest climbing frame is a mad construction with 3 nests where you can sit and swing a bit. My son was determined to get up there, but lucky for me he didn’t know how to do it, as I suspect I would have had to called the fire brigade to get him down.

Needless to say, it was extremely popular with the kids! For the younger children and babies there was one of these nest things set up as a swing, where you could plonk your child down and let them enjoy a gentle swinging. Probably great if they can’t move about too much. My son tried to climb of it.

There was also your standard climbing frame with a slide, this one my son was up on like a rocket, the ladder was a bit steep to climb, so some kids might need a push to help them. But once up there it was fairly safe and he enjoyed going down on the slide.

In the picture above you might be able to spot a green tube looking thing. Or maybe it is meant to look like a worm. This is also a slide. It is quite long and dark so was a bit scary for my boy. He went down through it with his dad, but I wouldn’t say he enjoyed it so much. It was much more fun trying to run up it and play peekaboo

There was also a big metal climbing frame, that once again was more for a bit older kids than my son, but it didn’t stop him from trying to go up it.

I think this playground is fantastic, I can imagine some kids wanting to spend the best part of a day here. So much things to play with and the views are great too. In fact after playing we went around the corner and you could look out over a hilly landscape and take a walk on the greenway, absolutely beautiful.

Grange Central Playground – map

This playground is located just next to the Pelican Pub, in central Grange. It is a rather small one, but with a lot of things to do for both small and not so small. Well not for too big kids I’d say. But there were some older kids there too. 

One minus is that is has two exits and one very close to the road, so you have to be rather on guard if you got a child that likes to run off. This playground is probably the most “urban” (hehe feels funny writing that about Letchworth!) as it has apartments, a pub and roads surrounding it.

One really good thing about this playground is the stairs on the slide. It is very toddler friendly. Perhaps a bit on the boring side for bigger kids, but the it has a climbing wall on the otherside to get up on. The slide itself is rather wide so if you want to go down on it with your child, you don’t need to worry about your behind getting stuck! My boy prefers to go up the slide and down the stairs…maybe he doesn’t like conformity. Here is a clip from the park with him on the slide (doing it the right way this time) it also shows some of the other things in the playground.

Playground has also got some swings, two for babies and smaller kids, and a big tyre that several kids can sit on and it spins around.

I quite liked this playground, but the road made me a tad nervous as the boyo is rather fast when he sets of. It also got very busy with a lot of kids showing up. But I think a really good one for toddlers as the slide was a very toddler friendly one!

Oak Tree Close – Map

This playground I would say is the smallest in Letchworth. It was tucked away in a newish built cul-de-sac. All rather pretty, this time my son and I was joined by another Letchworth mum and her daughter. And we were probably there for about an hour, with no other kids showing up.  It had a road quite close but for the 60 mins we were there there was no traffic to talk about. The playground had a largish slide. Two swings, a see-saw, a bike and a dinosaur bouncyswingy thing. And that was about it.

The best thing about it was the slide. It was a rather tall affair but with proper steps all the way up. It was also standing in the shade, which was very nice today as it was a rather hot day. In normal order my son was more into walking up the slide and down the stairs. But as we spent about 60 mins here, without the kids being bored it must get thumbs up.

Oh and it was really nice that it wasn’t busy at all, so you didn’t have to worry about a pile-up on the slide!

Baldock Road Playground – map

I have known about this playground for a while having walked past it a few times, even before we had our son. It is located at the end of a big playing field with an obstacle course running along the side. My son decided to try it out you can see how that went here.

The playground itself is safely loacted at the end of the field so there are no roads close by. It has a quite advances slide/climbing frame with a proper stairs and lots of bits to climb on if you want to release your inner primate. For toddlers you might want to watch this so they don’t try to monkey their way onto these bits. Here is a clip of my son on the frame.

The playground also has some swings, see-saws, spinning roundabout and those bouncy rocky small see-saws.

At the end of the park it leads on to a basketball hoop and a skate park with some more adult/teen playground things. With a big tyre swing and this rather strange looking swing.

I like this playground and so did the boy. It is safely tucked away and grassy. I much more prefer grass as a turf than the strange spongy material that most playgrounds in Letchworth have got. I can guess that if there is ball being played on the playing field, it might get rather busy there, also the skate park might bring a lot of older kids, who may or may not be so popular with younger kids. Otherwise not much bad things to say here. A great place.

Linnet Close – Map

This playground is tucked away in a cul-de-sac Close to Stand Alone farm. It is a bit elevated from the street level but it is surrounded by road. It is fenced of, but still quite close to the road so you might want to keep an eye out if your little one likes to wonder off.

The playground consist of swings, a roundabout, climbing frame with slide and some small ride-one animals. It is a small playground, and maybe more for smaller kids than your older ones. My 2 year old is quite happy here.

This is probably the only playground in Letchworth where he would be playing more with the roundabout than the slide. Normally climbing frames and slides are mostly his thing. But he loves the roundabout, and he mostly wants me to go on it too. Which makes me feel a bit sick sadly. I am very motion sick!

We like this little playground, I’ve seen local mums come out and sit there with a cup of coffee whilst kids play, so it seems to be well used by the locals. If it was closer to our house we would probably come more often!

Comments: 2

  1. helen May 2, 2011 at 18:18

    There’s an ok park next to icknield infant school. Any news on when the paddling pool park at howard gardens re opens? That’s our fave

  2. Natasja May 17, 2011 at 09:30

    Live on the other side of Letchworth (towards Hitchin).
    Just behind our block is a new playground that opened last year I think.
    It’s Hillbrow recreation I think it’s called – or at least it’s up on Hillbrow.

    My daugther is 18mth she loves it. Though she still only uses the babyswing and slides. But for bigger kids there are cableway and climbing frames as well. And a football pitch.