To pay or not to pay

If you like me live in one of those typical Letchworthian two up two down cottages, you might find yourself clawing and climbing at the walls at times with a toddler running around. It can be very tricky to stay indoors for an entire day without getting a bit bored, the both of us. So then it is time to venture outside, but what to do? This time of year I find it even harder to come up with activities, due to the weather. Well unless you want to pay for them that is.

We go to Jo Jingles one day at the week and quite often pop into the tumble tent. But with me only working part time and paying for nursery on the days I do work, doing a lot pay for activities doesn’t work in the long run! In the summertime it is easier as you can go to parks, sit on the common, play in the garden, have a splash in the paddle pool and such great free things. But unless it is really warm most of these things are not that easy to do in January.

I have been trying to compile a list of some good activities to do in Letchworth, you can find it here. What do you do with your kids? Have any recommendations for my list, please let me know!

So what does my son prefer? Well his top three things to do would be

  1. Walking, he can go for ages, has walked from Costa coffee all the way up to the garage on Norton Road North several times, and for a 21 month old surely that would be like a few miles! Bad thing is he wont hold my hand, and he runs away so we have to have him on reins.
  2. Playing with technical stuff, figuring out how things work, pushing buttons and tinkering.
  3. Seeing new people in places like Costa or the Sainbury’s cafe, where a steady stream of people (that you can flirt with (him not me!!!)) passes him. He loves Costa and pretty much learned to walk in there.

So apart from paying for a coffee and a fruitshoot or babychino he can be entertained in a quite cheap way!

Letchworth mum – Hellie

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