Mysteries in time – review

During the cold and dreary winter months it can be nice to have some indoor activities. Travel in time with a fun adventure pack, that both teaches you and your children new things. Well this sounds like a good concept doesn’t it? We certainly thought so when we were sent Max and Katie’s first adventure in time to review.
Well really the reviewer isn’t me, but my soon 8 year old son Tycho. His little brother was also participating a little bit, but as he only is 3, he was given some colouring in sheets whilst we read the story of Max and Katie’s travel to ancient Egypt.

First thing we did was un-box the time machine box. In there we found a map, stickers, an adventure book, a fact sheet ( that also has a quiz at the back), a hieroglyph decoder, a craft pack and some other bits and bobs.

Firstly we used the map to locate Egypt and put a sticker on the timeline for ancient Egypt. Tycho enjoyed the map bit as he is a keen map fan. Then it was time to read the story. This story could easily been read by my 7 year old himself, but as his brother wanted to join in I read to him.It follows two children; smart Max and cleaver Katie as they get sent a time-traveling machine and a request for them to help solve mysteries in time. First adventure up as you probably guessed is Egypt.

After we read the book, which was very exciting, Tycho enjoyed it a lot! We read through the fact-sheet. But it is probably best to sort of look at the both together, as the fact-sheet explained a lot to help you understand about pyramids, Egyptians and gods they worshiped.

When we were done with both, then we did the quizzes, which he aced I am happy to say, proving that both story and factsheet and kept his interest. I realise when I say quizz, I make it sound like it is an exam. But it isn’t anything boring like that. Tycho very much liked this part. The problem solving was probably his favourite bit of the whole thing.

The last bit to do is a little art project, which was to try and make an amulet.

We had lots of fun over a good few days with the Mysteries in time box, absolutely perfect for this time of year, when sitting indoors is much nicer than being outside in the cold rain soggy weather! Saying that I could see this box would be brilliant to bring along in the car for a long journey or down the park or beach too for that matter.

If your child has an interest for history and geography, I think this is a great activity box for them. In fact even if your child isn’t too keen on history, as you or school would like they them to be, I’d think this would be a great way to peak their interest as it does really put the fun into education!

To sign up and get mysteries in time, visit their website. It costs between £7.95 -£12.95 depending on package and you will get one pack per month.


Disclaimer – were sent this pack for a review, we are not paid by the company

Bump, Baby and Beyond Fair

The lovely folks at NCT north Herts are having a Bump, Baby and Beyond Fair on the Saturday 14th May in the Hitchin Centre, North Herts College between 9.30am – 1.00pm They are promising special offers, demonstrations, mini treatments, a prize draw, refreshments and much more. Plus a goody bag for the first 100 visitors! Sounds like good stuff! For more info head over to their website or Facebook page

Personal Development Workshops at the Letchworth Settlement.

Sarah Halfpenny from Sarah Halfpenny Events is running a number of Personal Development Workshops at the Letchworth Settlement. Sarah has trained, mentored and supported over 50 event professionals covering all aspects of event management. Her work has also covered career development, in particular supporting individuals to progress to the next level within their career.  These two courses below would be great for Mums wanting to prep for a change in career or those seeking a new challenge.

Prepare your CV and Cover letter: Tuesday 10th May: 19.30 – 21.30

Are you looking for your next challenge or promotion? Do you need help repositioning your experience to help you change career direction? Or do you simply need to update your CV to reflect your recent skills development?
This workshop will cover all aspects of planning and creating a CV that works for you.

Interview Skills Workshop: Tuesday 17th May: 19.30 – 21.30

Whether you are currently looking for your next job or already have interviews lined up, this 2-hour workshop will help you prepare for sitting in front on an interview panel with confidence.
Visit for further details on these workshops and many more……


New nursery opening in Letchworth town centre

IF you have been walking down station road lately you have probably noticed that a sign for Kattz Kidz nursery has popped up on one of the buildings. This weekend we noticed that they are opening very soon and even have a Facebook page with some pictures from both inside and out. It is looking pretty good! As the nurseries in Letchworth can be rather expensive a bit of competition from another one sounds like a good thing!Plus it is very conveniently located for people that are commuting as it is very close to the train station.   

Easter in Letchworth 2016

Happy Easter everyone! Sadly this Easter is meant to be rather rainy so maybe those nice Easter bunnies could be nice and hide the eggs indoors this year? March really is a tricky month as we seem to have had everything from snow to paddle-pool weather in the past!If you are looking for some things to do this Easter I would suggest having a gander at this document from Letchworth Partnership of Schools as it is filled with activities over the upcoming holiday and might be of help if you are stuck for ideas!